American Journal of Kidney Diseases

To the Recipient of My Sister’s Kidney

Published:November 21, 2022DOI:
      Are we now sisters in themost unlikely of ways?Our bodies sifting lifethe same way,interwoven glomerulifiltering electrolytesMy sister’s diluted reflectionin your body, humming awaysilently without limitations.We arebound together by organsbound together by circumstancePlease care for this part of herpumping steadily in yourabdomen, hidden awayfrom sight, meticulouslycalculating charge and sizeof molecules in your body.Please care for this kidney,some part of life’s second chance.Please drink enough waterand limit your sugar intake.Please eat a healthy dietand limit your salt intake.Please check your blood pressureand limit your stress intake.All this is to say please take care.Part of my sister lives in you too,and forever I am defined as an older sistereven if she is gone. But,here you are in the fleshpart of her living on.